Watched Princess Diaries 2 last night and Stepford Wives at night and now… onto 13 going on 30… this morning woke up late and had to take cab down to corp… then cca fair was all too good!… had this Fancy Drill which was fabulous and I really enjoyed myself… and seeing so many of the Senior NCOs coming back and really very enjoyable.

Then after the fair, went with Jeremy, Ben & Wang Yun to eat lunch… after that went over to Ben’s place to wait for him to get changed then we head over to mj to get a cd for his friend. Along the way, saw Kayla…

After getting his cd… took the train home… then he went to Marine Parade… reach home took a shower then went out to pass something to my cousin before heading back home.

After coming home, took a nap until evening then go eat dinner then chat with Erin… and help her do up a poster to circulate ard the class for the Tusnami T-shirt… http://www.worldvision.org.sg.


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