2005/01/17 update 2

left from where i blog coz Fazael came over to my work station in the ePlaza to talk to me… chatted for a while then he left for his elective… didn’t chat much except about Spotlight etc… lolz…

Though I have left the place… anyways, the Malay Elective was fun… but need time to get used to speaking the language… came home… got a little pissed off with the mess on my table… by the time i got home was already 7pm…

place the things all back to its original position then went to open the Cloud Aisha which i bought from McD North Point to put up on my desk… on top of the PC speakers… looks cure… was thinking of getting a Yurble too… still thinking though… anyways… this thursday’s release will be the final lot for sale… so fast…

Did my project research then went on to reply e-mails and browse Cable TV schedule… Will be allocating my Fri – Sunday nights (11pm – 12mn) for some Educational shows apart from the HBO movies… which some are worth watching… Oh yea… just got StarHub Cable TV… a trial one for 5mths…

Did a little bit of revision too… tomorrow should be doing a little shopping at FOX J8… hopefully can get something… or else… just go Comics Connection get some boosters to mail out… during 4hrs break… assuming the ladies got nth to hold me back with… as in meetings… which at the moment is nt confirm… yea.. gotta sleep now… 9am lect…


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