Testicle health

hmm… just woke up from my usually short nap… was flipping thru yesterday’s New Paper on my brother’s desk and saw this very interesting article about the testicle – Testicle torn off by ex-lover – the exact article from the Guaridan; SPH doesn’t archive their papers… so… yea.. took from original source. You guys might want to check it out… haha… it’s not exactly a laughing matter when your girlfriends or (boyfriends – gays) realise that you are short of a testicular… though I would still say it doesn’t really matter… haha… unless u happen to be licking it.. 😛

sex aside… so what is exactly this thing called testicular? it’s the 2 speherical shape organ below your penis… not found in women. It aids the reproduction of sperm for that matter. I’ll get you guiys the definition later in my article…

alright… testicular cancer can happen in anyone aged 20 – 34…even older or younger when you start puberty… it’s the abnormal growth in the testicular. You can self-examined by feeling your scrotum on a monthly basis. .read more abt testicle.

what happen is that if diagonsed with testuicular cancer, your whole testicular has to be removed… so you will only be left with one…


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