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Tiger Beer Horoscope –

You have a speed and agility that makes you capable of reacting spontaneously and with great effect. You’re probably more physically oriented than most Geminis of the twentieth century, and may excel in several areas thanks to your adroitness. This may apply to a musical instrument, recreational sport, or technological tool. You may strongly identify with your family, nation, or ethnic ancestry.

In love, you may it difficult to settle into a committed partnership since you find so many people fascinating. Because of your family or cultural background, you may feel that marriage is appropriate for you. However, you are celestially scheduled for major lifestyle transformations from time to time, and this includes in partnership. In general, you get along best with Cancerians, Librans, Aquarians, and Pisceans.

In your professional life, you may specialize in an area that makes use of your dexterity, or your ability to think and act promptly. You will prosper in your career if you develop more than one marketable talent, especially since you tend to bolt when you get bored, or lack enough personal freedom. Since your lifestyle may undergo complete restructuring from time to time, flexibility becomes even more necessary.


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