gonna be yet another presentation tomorrow… wonders how well I will fare for them tomorrow… anywyas, didn’t exactly went to bed when i was suppose to have… went swimming today and did 10laps… that not impressive but within 30mins… good potential to increase this… will be going for some bit of jogging tomorrow at the stadium after my BCLS session. Hopefully, that should give me more time to practise and refresh my BCLS since it was like years ago since i last learnt it though i teach BCLS literally in school for my SJAB…

anyways, today’s been quite freaky, busy and tired… freaking… due to the Last Office thing and the stories shared… busy – with project work and tired due to the swimming… nevertheless… finished copying the notes from Azlina and will be going to sleep after i blog this. will be paying the polyclinic a visit this saturday…

then the rest of the day should be staying home unless that Jeremy Koh and confirm with me whether our trip to Queensway Shopping Centre. Anyways, sad to say… the t-shirt i bought for jessica yesterday was too small…. bought XS… haiz… should have bought S instead… anyways hopefully Su managed to help me change.

that’s all i gues… and ShuYi’s birthday is next… so have already gotten her a present… just gonna see the right time to give… yeah… that’s all and nites…!


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