something caught my mind today… as I was waiting for the train heading towards tampines to meet up with Jeremy at TM before we head down to Orchard… something struck me…hard in my mind…

it has come to me that… sometimes somehow… we tend to be caught in the cross roads between different decisions to make… each decision made will cause a different turn to our lives…

It has somehow come to my attention that some are rumouring me with A and some thought that it was B that I am after.. the fact is… I am not after anyone… It just doesnt make any sense… be it… if I were to get “close” just to chat with the person… does it mean I am trying to woo the person? the answer is a definite no. Unless I have a very deep interest in dating the person… then I’ll prolly walk up to the person one fine day with a card or send the person an e-mail to express my thots… so… just hope that those who know what i am talking about not think otherwise as to rumouring who i am actually “dating” when I am not dating or interested in having any relationship with anyone…

though this is in general… but i just feel that… these speculations are just too immature… and doesn’t make sense… and not that I am angry about any…

on the other side… went around orchard rd and saw quite a bit of interesting apparels… which I was thinking of laying my hands on… especially those pink tops I saw at U2 and the sleeveless tank at bods… however… didn’t really have the thought of parting my cash coz… I have enough clothes to last me for a year… so might just give it a miss for now…


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