it kills to be bored…anyways… before heading to school… paid a visit to lib@orchard and ended up with a hole in the pocket… lol… not due to paying fines… went shopping after collecting the book i reserved and did not pay any library fines due to the system being down…

Bought a pink top from U2, and a sling bag from OP. Then headed off to Orchard MRT to take the train to school. Then in school… more wierd things happen… during the presentation was literally accused of doing sexual abuse… lol… <- since when did i abuse anyone on sex? well… basically… the presenters from my grp as well as afiq's group were presenting on elderly abuse and the latter on maid abuse. And just happen to touch on sexual abuse. I must say that I bought up the point of sexual abuse last week saturday when the meeting was held over at my place… I walk using the example of an elderly being made to have sex with an animal as an example… little did i know that he – hanafi brought up what i said in another way… which made me go into a moment of shock.

then after the lesson ended… went to FJ for lunch then head over to the library for project meeting. The meeting was quite alright and quite a bit were done about what we had to research etc… will have another meeting tomorrow… most likely gonna go swimming during their lunch break before the meeting…

then will probably give bio a miss for sjab training tomorrow. Then, hanafi was talking about me being too long winded when it comes to project work and being too straightforward when it comes to dealing with relationships… lol… and was saying i might want to consider switching with the girls agreeing to what he said somehow… anyways… will just have to see how it goes… though… got no comments about this…

ended the day with a boring lesson of Malay… and of course was happy to arrive home early… lol… really tired and have just completed some research on environment… not to forget… someone called me… to ask me about a certain girl in class… was wondering why she has been behaving wierd lately… as the bf felt that someone in class is like “stealing” the gf from him… in actual fact… I wasn’t the one and i doubt that anyway… so… that’s all, and what really suprise me is… how on earth did he get my number…??? unless the bf had peeped into his girlfriend’s mobile to get my number just to ask this question… is anyone trying to steal my girlfriend… not a joke… but seriously… i doubt anyone would one to… i wouldn’t… if i know you are attached… so don’t find me…


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