went to meet amanda at Precious Thots, TM for lunch… passed her the VCDs which she had loaned me and buy her lunch… – made her wait outside my hse door for dun know how long… lol.. Anyways, was real boring… waited in the store for quite sometime… coz she hadda wait for her colleague to come to work… so i briefly browse the cards section and the precious moments figurines for fun… lol…

then we went for lunch at 1.15pm… chatted abit about Jasmine and about the going back to junyuan on new year’s eve… then, she went back to the store while i di a bit of window shopping… my eyes were caught on 2 new tee by Fox Men… each cost $23.00… the fabric used for both feels soft and i like the short sleeve… still too bad they don’t have any sleeveless tee still…

she poped me this question… which i feel was still too early… though my birthday is only like 3months away? what do you want for your birthday this year… her budget still remains at $30. Since she benchmark it on around the same price she buys birthday gift for Grace… blah… for last yr she bought me a tee from OP… hmm.. wonders what i want for present this year… lol… it’s a real headache when freinds ask me for what i want for birthdays… Usually the normal things i give friends for birthday range from a simple card to well… so far a shirt… nothing more… lol… i could still remember giving lucas a sanitary napkin years ago… found it on the teens magazine which came in my letterbox for my subscription. Gave it to him in sch and he was darn pissed… lol… was meant to be a joke and it turn out well.. he got so dusgusted by it… and he threw it into the prefects room… lol… come to think of it.. i just feel like laughing… and more recently… heard from jeremy that one of his friends actually bought a bra as x’mas gift for a lucky dip… end up it wasn’t a girl who got the bra… but another guy… lol… it’s just so darn funny and amusing these days what we as teenager do… had the thought of giving lucas a condom pack sometime back as a birthday gift… was actually chatting with kian lim about this idea… lol… but abandoned it… anyways… just don’t want to make him feel bad and well.. leave a bad name for myself… lol…

those were the days in secondary school where we there were things that were done for fun… and friends remember me for the way i do different wierd things… another incident was the broom incident… I had a fight with one of my classmate back in sec 3 over dun know what thing… I almost used a broom to whack him or something like that… everyone was shocked… lol… and there was during my oral confidence course where i used the broom as a prop to advertise a harry potter book – was graded and got distinction… lol…

come to think of it… secondary school is still the most memorable one.. though in polytechnic we move into a different dimension altogether… well… still whenever I get bored or do something it does bring back the good old memories… and i believe that people remember you for the funny as well as the bad things you do… not the good things you do… it is only when you are dead… do they remember you for the good you have done… that is a fact till this day… moreover… there are still those who treasure you and me… for what we have done… just that it is not that well expressed sometimes…


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