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dreamzLand : Mar 21 & 22, 2005

it has been quite a few days since i last blogged… on my dreams.. didn’t have any dreams… for the past few… 😛

which was good… 😛 Okies, now… just a few days back… on March 21, i had a wierd dream… it’s just like those funny dreams of the past… not really worth mentioning… coz i find it just too wierd… to have those dreams occus again and again… with different people involved… 😦

anyways… last night… or should i say this morning… i dream of buying a gift for a friend of mine before he flew off… wonders why i had that thought… maybe becoz, it is time i get something for him? wonders… hahaz… his birthday is still 3months away… lolz…

well, that’s all for the dreams… 😛


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