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dreamzLand : Mar 27, 2005

My Dream:

I dreamt of pasting some names of countires outside the SHS corrdor… then VOILA… got caught… even though a lecturer was with me… blehz… well.. i wonder why i was pasting masking tape of cities of the word… lolz… anyways, end up getting detention class…. and i just happily told the lectuer I was well, gonna skip my lunch anyways for slimmming πŸ˜›

Another dream was about a swim meet amongst all SHS students. Each tut grp was to set 6 people for 3 sets of swimming relayz… Well, as to which team came in first… i ain’t sure πŸ˜›

My Mum’s Dream:

I included this today coz… it is related to me.. blehz… she dreamt of the surgeon coming out from the OT telling her that my heart has stopped palpitating… whether it is a good thing… i doubt so… coz she was very worried… well, i wonder… but anyways, will have to visit CGH this Thurs for my Endocrinologist Appointment…


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