dreamzLand : Jan 25, 2006

i had this funny dream last nite… and to have it more wierd is… i dream of W… it was not those dreams which i use to dream about in the past… it has to do with some kind of breakup between me and him… in the story… we were actually discussing about our impending break up. the wierd thing to occur is that we had a quite mutual break up and there after i woke up from my dream… and i had my mind thinking… why? it’s so wierd… i am not even dating W and how come a break up will come about… anyways… was it an omen of something coming up? Maybe? coz today my in Course assessment(ICA)did not go well as per what i had wished it for.

Anyways, hopefully tmr will be a better day for me… as for what’s to come in 2006… it will be a long journey to find out…


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