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Health: Hernias

Something for a thought before i end today… though i am kind of down with some throat problem.. and while reading men’s health… i found this interesting… about hernias… yea… perhaps many of us are just unaware of what this thing is…so here’s something to shed some light about hernias… there are many types… i am not going to go into details… you can either google for them or find them here

What Are Hernias?
A hernia (pronounced: hur-nee-uh) is an opening or weakness in the wall of a muscle, tissue, or membrane that normally holds an organ in place. If the opening or weakness is large enough, a portion of the organ may be able to poke through the hole. Imagine an inner tube poking through a hole in an old tire – that’s what a hernia is like.

Hernias happen more frequently in certain parts of the body, like the abdomen, groin and upper thigh area, and belly button area. They also can happen in any place where you may have had an incision from surgery.

How Do People Get Hernias?
It might take a long time for a hernia to develop or it might develop suddenly. Hernias are caused by a combination of muscle weakness and strain, although the cause of the weakness and the type of strain may vary. Hernias are actually more common in babies and toddlers. And most teens who are diagnosed with a hernia actually have had a weakness of the muscles or other abdominal tissues from birth (called a congenital defect). In these cases, straining your muscles doesn’t cause the hernia; it only makes the hernia more apparent (and painful!).

Here are some types of strain on the body that may induce hernias:

* obesity or sudden weight gain
* lifting heavy objects
* diarrhea or constipation
* persistent coughing or sneezing
* pregnancy

These types of strain on their own probably won’t give you a hernia. But when they team up with a weak muscle, a hernia is more likely to result.

Many hernias are discovered during routine physical exams. If you’re a guy, you may have had a physical exam where your doctor gave you a testicular exam and checked your testicles for a hernia. By placing a finger at the top of your scrotum and asking you to cough, the doctor can feel if you have a hernia.

It’s good for girls to know about hernias, too, because they can affect you, especially if you’ve been pregnant or are obese. A doctor can check for any possible hernias in girls by gently pressing on the organs or looking for possible signs during an examination.


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