Planting a new plant

once again… got my things sorted out…. now i am back to blog…. back to my old ways of mass blogging…. devoting blogs to plants…. trashing back on life… my usual blog of bitching and the list goes on…. here we are… back to Spring…

bought a plant yesterday at IKEA Tampines… first time i decided i wanted to do abit of gardening since i find the corridor abit of a boring…. heading to school soon… the topic of the week is plants…

somehow it intrigues me why humans are so into planting…. especially during festive seasons…. as it seems…. they have nothing else to do except continue with planitng non stop?

from what i guess… for the past many years…. plants have become part of our lives and especially so in Singapore where it is labelled – Garden City…. which is true in a way… with instant plants growing and sprouting everywhere… you name it and you will find it…. especially in the city areas….

as for the urban areas…. plants can be seen from apartment blocks… though not many have this habit of growing plants… however, you will see plants everywhere especially cheap ones…

so yea…. as a slip short conclusion… plants beautify our surroundings and make the place we live in a better one…


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