Blades…. + Home furnishings…

Gilette Fusion

Saw the ads of this new Gillette 5 blades + 1 trimmer at City hall station…. Makes me feel so orange… like the bright colour scheme…. Will consider getting it though the price is real steep for shaving blades… but the idea of fixing in a trimming blade makes it something I wanna get since I am going Army soon…


Frames @ IKEA…

Thinking of getting another few pieces of the frames, yet not very decided yet… will see how if should get the frames first of wait for the final outcome of my desktop soon…. I am still not very sure if I will be getting a notebook…. If I am then my desktop will be saying goodbye for now…. Which means I will have more space to put my stuff…. And that will mean time to clear up clutters on my desktop for good…. Whichever comes first… it is still a good thing…. And will finish up the Antonius storage system by this month hopefully…. Going for the IKEA Home Furnishings Sale Preview this Friday morning… yay! I think this is the time of the year where they will be clearing out old stocks or discontinued items to make room for new products this year. What about the fate of my shoe rack? Err well… I might just put it out in the corridor for plants or let mum have it for shoes…. Shall wait and see… there is ample of ways to use it well. Will be clearing out my toyogo cd containers – maybe pass them to grandma to put her medications… need some cataloging to be done – hopefully by this week..


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