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i wonder…

the past few days the blog has been about my relationship with Bear… i thought through it the few days looking at the songs bear posts on FB… i seem to realise… maybe its just Bear character to keep silent while venting thru posting songs…

songs tells alot about human life and thoughts… One thing for sure, Bear appears normal as i type this posts – after talking to Bears only few friends whom Bear would usually hang around with. Going thru a rough patch of break up after 4 years is not that short… neither too long… It’s a total challenge… somehow Bear could feel i was trying to see how Bear is doing… And the song today reflected that… everything has its cause, effect, karma… etc… I just know the path forward will bring us more enlightment on our future pathways… I just hope it passes the transition smoothly and helps us both to move forward and hope Bear’s worries and problems gets resolved too.


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