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tonight is the night u be on the stage to receive an award we both fought for back in aug 2011…

time flies, am grateful that u made it and had delivered ur part of the promise. yet, feel sorry that we did not achieve it together. there were many moments of grief experience thru the past 1yr. while u too suffered in silent without realising we both slowed down.

l loose focus during this 1yr, yet did not tell u because did not know how to expres it out and you had your share of emotional issues to handle…. 1 year on, we parted, i see you improving. When i reflect upon myself, i realise how much i have slowed down. no doubt i did make small progress, but i realise i have lost myself.

its time i wake up + move forward. Not doubt i know u will never read about this post, but i feel perhaps blogging out will make me feel a emotional let out so i can empty all out and move forward.

When u asked why i did not take photo with you – its the same question i wanted to ask you “why you didn’t ask for me to take with you?”.

perhaps, it just us that we wait on one another to make decision. I walked away because i waited for a while and paused. You did not seem to react so i decided maybe i should just go. I still keep our photo in my wallet. Just like how i kept the watch my ex gave me still i decided it was time to let go – the watch just disappeared. As for this photo we took together, i’m not sure when i will remove it from my wallet. But it might be soon, so that we can perhaps take a new photo together on stage.


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