seafood/sea animals?

Being woken by the dream of Sea Food or Sea Creatures is not the best of of things i guessed?

One thing for sure, when i tried my first snorkel, – technically a first back in 2011… i was in shock state, looking at the marine life. I dare not even touch the sea water technically – submerge myself into the sea…

So looking back, it was quite an experience i missed. But then again, re-looking at this dream of mine. Thanking + reflecting on the 3 turtles i let off in a remote island temple offshore and the various food sources i had as food… Its like a very interesting dream i had.

The idea of a baby Orca, some crabs (red like those you see on Xmas Island), some cooked prawns (still moving ones but in red too) and the turtle (cute like ninja turtle) makes me think of the vast activities the ocean has. And of course, how precious our life is. We got to to treasure every moment we have as we move on in life.


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