yesterday was 2012…. today… at this point… 10 hours has passed on for 2013…

a new year with new focus – indeed the year ended for me with major ups and downs for most of 2012… waking up this morning – rather fresh but breakfast alone. Thinking about the past 4 years i always have someone having breakfast with me…. and come to think of it… back on 31.12.2007 i said goodbye to someone too over lunch… How time flies. Many things has since changed and i have since moved on.

Earlier in the evening i was packing a stack of old written notes from the past 7 years of learning in Amway. I saw what i wrote down – i had wanted to achieve a certain leadership level by 26… now i’m moving on to 27 in less than half a year… Time flies, i wish i could turn back time work harder and be where i want to be now.

Nevertheless, still not too late to turn things around. Following the life path i am suppose to go, keep on working towards what i have and should and stop wasting time will lead me to where i should be. But discipline is still the keyword forward to where i’m to head towards. But that means, chopping off alot of distractions. Today alone i had many distractions of the mind while i was late-lunch with steve,. How wierd it is, the mind totally not focus, totally running everywhere. I was sms-ing few friends – while we were having tea. He wasn’t well, so he was running to the restroom. I was sms-ing thinking what i could do in the evening. In the end i was at home, watching GA while i look through my notes.

Looking back, i had a good time talking to Amanda – for years we have not really meet up so often like in Dec 2012… I had quite a bit to talk about with her, and spending time over lunch was good.

for 2013, i have not much to look forward to, but to turn focus on mainly turning my life around and what i have set forth to accomplish.


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