reflections: the next 36hours…

as simple as it seems, as simple as it may sound…. i will be making yet another trip in less than 24hours tomorrow evening.  Basically, this is not exactly a reflections entry. It is more of a self exploration trip. One where it tests me on where i am heading and what i wish to achieve in the trip. It might not be a happy go lucky trip after many sleepless nights trying to find puzzle pieces, nor will it be one that will bring me fanciful answers.

What i only seek to offer is something which can be look at in the medium to long term. A vehicle to propel growth from within. Something perhaps to help a friend who i feel is worth my time and effort to help and perhaps guide along in this pathway.

Besides that, Ipoh is somewhere i have not been before. And i am looking into traveling there to experience for once how it is like to visit another town in Malaysia. At the same time, broaden my horizon and be able to gain something.


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