reflections: Melaka

For a third weekend in jan, I’m traveling to Melaka. This is a trip that brought me closer to friends, new revelations and experiences. It’s also where I got to know friends better. A place where I see more and got to know deeper what is the meaning to life, love and friendship.

The bindings never ends, no matter what happens. The Universal language of love is strong when two.people bond together with a same purpose in life.

It makes me have a reflection upon mixing with people I don’t really know and people who were initially strangers becoming friends overnight just within a road trip.

How time flies by and how it seems that the clock never stops.

It was nice to have know Elvis, spend time with Jason and Desmond. Many interesting just happens in split seconds. Things that we just have to keep our eyes on, food places to visit, different people to hang out with.

It’s a trip that brings me out of comfort zone into understanding how different people react in different circumstances and places. How no one gets left out and everyone enjoys the time spent together.

It’s a priceless experience with perhaps more to come. This is probably jut the beginning of the next lap in my life. Perhaps a more adventurous and fulfilling one long term.


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