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reflections: Songkran 2013…

This trip no doubt was an unplanned trip though only decided in Dec 2012 right after the previous trip… it bring me to come to realise what Geno mention to me as very true to reality. Hanging out with 3 friends of different age gap and generation i learn quite a bit from them. Apart from their knowledge and wisdom, i too gain some insight from people who had experiences from past relationships.

Had wanted to blog earlier some reflections but was not able to do so…. till now, the last night in Bangkok, Thailand. Somehow, it makes me think back on what i have had done for the past years and the past 5 visits into Bangkok, Thailand since age 22… the Past 5 years just pass by so quickly and i come to realise how much i have changed and grew through the years.

Now come to think of it, what i needed most now is to work out my personal habits, improve on them and look at personal improvement works to enhance myself before taking on new challenges in life and embrace them with open arms. What i foresee is alot of new challenges coming up upon me. Though to the eyes of many i am young, to me it is time to start moving forward fast and swift.


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