reflections: to date or not to date

Recently I feel challenged by this question of “are you seeing anyone?”…

That leads me to ponder… 9 months on, things seems to have take a fast track on my personal life…
Moving away from a 4.5years relationship… I’m starting to get used to doing things on my own and working on building my career pathway… 
Then comes the spaces of void. I feel that time flies and sometimes even with gym, I get voided of something…
Then came the business venture that I’m working on currently to fill my mental stimulation… But, I still feel some void that I can’t fill emotionally…
Had a walk and talk with my biz partner last evening and he too could feel that space void I’m facing… So it leads me to the next question… If someone I’m comfortable to hang out with comes along… Am I ready to date? I kept telling friends I’m not dating partly because I fear… The loss or jumping too fast into a relationship. It just does not make sense to keep dating for no purpose. And it be draining and tiring to do so.
And to be happy seeing friends and making some good ones is something I do enjoy… To date someone, it takes both hands to clap…

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