reflections: the walk past the 8 years…

How time flies… looking back the past couple of years… many things have changed and people has passed my life… as i was doing sexual cord cleansing the past 21 days.. (tomorrow will be last day of this intensive walk through)… i have many thoughts that surfaced. Something that bothers me quite abit… yet i feel, it is good to let these inner feelings out…

My Mum asked a question which she has asked many years ago when I was dating D… as it seems, back then she was more direct at the age of 21… Moreover, over the years, things have changed… we broke up after 6 months…. D went to swis to study… i enlisted for national service…

Then came A in 2008… that started a new journey for me that lasted 4.5 years… that was when i grew closer to my family and understood the value of treasuring family… but it too came at a price… Its quite a good few years together but things went abit sour…. which ended the marathon….

thinking back… i have gain and loss a plenty… looking ahead… there is alot more for me to learn, pick up and move forward.


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