reflections: Pink Dot and 3 weeks…

It was a first time for me to go PinkDot.Sg… it was quite an eye opening event… which at its 5th year has attracted 21k people there… I would not have gone if not for the haze that has postponed my KL Half Marathon run event…

So perhaps it was indeed a blessing in disguise… It was a nice time there yesterday for that few short hours to walk around, meet friends i have not seen for quite a while as well as get to enjoy some moments of fun in the park… It was nice meeting poodles and canines at the park… some of them dressed up in pink leash and some other dog decors.

Besides that, it was nice to meet him up again for the weekend… as usual a short short few hours spent together hanging out. Its 3 weeks now… and we been meeting about 3 times a week… I wonder what is next… It feels like this person i know him from the past… not present life… Then again, i’m not having high hopes that we may be together… I’m just going to take it as it comes and embrace since nothing on my end is moving fast as it seems. I’m quite headless and clueless right now where things will lead to for me.

The doors which i think are open appears closed. At the same time the doors which seems closed are open… So it leads me to ponder where i’m headed to…


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