Reflections: the conclusion

Few days ago… The was the post on 4 weeks… Moving forward, I’m channeling my focus back to my business related work…

I came to realize it is perhaps the higher conscious will that things just move this way. Whenever, I try to figure things out, the jigsaw puzzles will be scrambled… When I leave them alone to settle, it just unscrambles itself leading me to the next stage. It seems a constant struggle for me, but I see answers appearing gradually…
Decisions made, shows signs of things moving positively but takes time to show up. Definitely, business works are moving fast forward while I try to catch up with back end jobs and issues on hand.
As for personal life, what lies ahead is probably unclear after the next 2 months. We have decides to just keep it this way on a “dating” mode.
But whether it will become a conclusive attachment it remains unknown for now. Whether I will relocate 2 years from now also is unknown. But that option I intent to keep it open as I actively search for my own solutions. If he gets a new job here, we may begin something, else, it’s gods will he has to leave… I have nothing to hold him back. I just know my relationships are bounded with lessons to learn. And that my bargains are slowly surfacing, and will have to go back in April 2014 for offering return this guidance offered to me.

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