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reflections: about love and abundance

the words love and abundance somehow seems to ring in my ears for today… or at least during the journey home from town this evening…

This morning i attended my first quarterly Young Living event… I was amazed by the crowd and speaker… bring in the direct sales industry for about 8 years now…. i am in awe by what i experience today…

There is no big found claps, but rather some subtle and very well presented sharing by the speakers without much hype… I felt so at home, away from the usual kind of moods which i see in the conventional MLM companies… Not that i am there to do any comparison, i went with an open heart and mind to want to learn more about essential oils and their therapeutic properties. I’m glad and grateful to have been able to attend the event today.

I have gain alot from the oils and their properties in application to daily uses. It is such a nature’s gift that i wish to start sharing more with friends around me… I have many friends who are troubled emotionally which i feel, there are some essential oils which may help address their issues…

During the train ride home, i recall this book about the key to the greatest manifestations. Somehow this book tinkles in my mind. It seems to be telling me i need to practice more Love vibrations… and the next moment i was a fb post that pops in m my mind about abundance and love… Now these two words i saw them this morning at the event too…

I came to realise… the universal language of communication is love and abundance… these two work hand in hand to create unlimited possibilites… Just like when rethink back how Geno taught me the co-relationship between Love and Money…. It resonates the same way… You need to start treating money like your love to have more money… Its like telling us, give more love frequency to money, not fear… The more fear, the more we are scared… the more we may just appear broke…

That leaves me many thoughts and actions which translates to execution phase tomorrow…


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