reflections: awakening

The past week was filled with bottled up emotions… As it seems, now the lid has open and the emotions have all slowly release it self…

I wonder what went wrong the past week to have this emotion… Moreover, i’m glad and happy to discover my relationship with wealth is being addressed and i am working towards fully resolving the issue.

Taking a step ahead, another thing that can popping out was the thought of moving to Australia in the long term plans. It seems that, I have the feeling someone wants me to move to Australia with him after knowing that I had plans to… I do have plans to move in long term with all the huge influx of foreigners into the country. Makes it more crowded and unbreatheable. Moreover, the issues at hand I have to solve them before i decide on when to move and what I plan to do after I move.

There are many things and opportunities on my plate for me to digest and work on. It will take time to work on them all and i believe it will be a fruitful one. Even though i might need sometime to work on them all. Time will reveal them and issues that surface will resolve i hope.

But inner self uncertainty still surfaces when I think about the moving part. But i hope i will be guided to where i belong 🙂


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