reflections: the role of a healer…

The bigger revelation this week as it seems comes with the life lesson to be learn…

It seems there is alot of things that hinder me or i should say… the spiritual realm is not allowing me access to know what lies ahead of my life… Or perhaps, there is something i can’t find out about this special someone who i wish to know more about…

i have to admit that it will all depends on what comes both our ways as time progresses on. He perhaps has his own life path and i have my own as well. But it still comes as a mystery why i got stuck to him at first sight and that things just moved fast and come to a halt after 6 weeks. I wonder if i had forced such a strong propel forward and had it slowed down.

Nonetheless, i am happy that things have slowed down as i realise i have something more urgent at hand to process. Apart from the business building that requires most of my time, i also need to look into my spiritual space. As it seems, life has taken a huge big turn after 4.5 years… Leaving Alex, i gain and lost quite a handful. But i thank him for the times we spend and he let me grow up with him.

It was a huge big bargain to be with him, and it just ended in thin smoke. Then next came a realization that my life path involves healing work and abundance with the right mindset and progress. But to get there, there is a shift i need to work on to achieve it. I guess soon i will know what that is. I know for sure i need to work on it to realise what has held me back the past 2 years from moving ahead and what i should do from now on to realise my life path and what entails my life.

I no longer really put much thought into my time spend with A,  i think what more important now is to find out what is my life meant for and how do i realize my biggest potential in that realm. if the right guy comes my way, he will stay with me a long time. It may or may not be A. Only time and patience will lead me to my true path. For sure, my name has finally realise its true meaning too. Also, as for A, i know that time will come where we will know if we are meant to be. I entrust it to the higher self to plan what lies ahead but to guide me along the life lessons. I am sure, A came into my life for a purpose. But then at the same time, if i have known what is the real purpose maybe i may not appreciate him for who he is… we never know until things happen.


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