reflections: reflecting…

Time flies… in a whisk of time so many things has happened and the long weekend of 4 days is coming to an end… Many things just happened the past few days…

I wish that time could have been at a standstill… but clearly within myself i know it is not the case to be…

I started visiting the Akashics – its somewhere in another realm. To find myself and to understand more of myself. Thanks to David for giving this course as a gift for me and few others to find our life pathways. I found the journey thus far a very exciting one in the few days i went for a visit… I enjoyed it very much personally. Looking ahead, i should see more of myself in the realm. Moving forward with more meditations. I been seeing Rainbows all round during my journey, i love Rainbows, thus my Facebook and Google + also has got the rainbows as the background… The Akashics realm is very unique to every individual… it encompasses a self discovery tour… something i find unique and personal… As for what lies ahead, its a self discovery… Even my relationship, i think will have to let it flow naturally…

Also, this week i saw myself attending Gym classes for the first time. I have sign up with the gym for 1 year now, but have never stepped into the classes very much – as i had a personal trainer engaged… (that was a good move but a costly one…) Then 1 year on, i kinda gotten a feel what i should do at the gym, thus i decided to continue without the trainers and just do my usual training on my own for now. With the added Body Balance (a mixture of Yoga, Tai Chi & Balancing) & Body Step which i will try tomorrow. I hope i will add some colors into my weekend gym training. Gym on weekdays is more of the routine workout sessions.

Generally, the week has been quite good except the fact that the banking system seems to not like the cash i deposit at the cash acceptance machines… I had 2 incidents this week where it doesn’t want to accept my $100 notes and another where it took all my $10 notes and did not credit it = eat up the notes…

Anyway, the issues got resolved within 24 hours even though it was public holiday and well, it happen on National Day…



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