reflections: tired yet can’t sleep

It’s unusually rare for me to find myself tired yet can’t sleep… I’m tired from the days work and stress… But what faces me tomorrow is new challenges I will have to face… But bracing forward it makes me wonder what to expect next…

And I wonder if it ever makes sense to meet someone who is ever so fickle minded or doesn’t want to speak his mind out.
I’m not angered but I’m not keen to wait for answers when I know it well and long enough he doesn’t even have answer. So I think leaving him alone for the time being perhaps is best. I think for now… If he ever comes around probably he would know what he has too do. I’m tired from waiting for him to decide… Even how busy you are, you need to rationalize what your priorities are in life. We only have 24 hours and we have to listen to what our hearts tells us.

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