reflections: essential oils

Initially i had wanted to post this on facebook… “tonight… I decided to take cedarwood, myrtle and sacred frankincense together… hope this combo works for me long term in health… I suddenly found some light in my life purpose… “

but on a second thought, decided to make it into a blog entry this evening…

For some reason the past week i have been thinking hard about what life purpose i was to be going towards… Raindrop Technique came to me last evening as something i should be working towards…

Subsequently, I came to realize that my life purpose was to serve people… and by serving people it would mean learning techniques that helps people and teaching them how to help themselves too…

So i decided that that’s how I am going to do it. Learning Raindrop Technique is just the beginning of all things including helping friends who have spine alignment problems as well as the people that comes into my life that has got such health issues too… I may or may not charge a fee for this treatment, but that is at present beyond what i am in for… I just want to perfect the skill then work towards a holistic wellness approach to men having issues with health and emotions…

As for myself, i started trying Sacred Frankincense essential oil and i really enjoyed it. I’m suppose to do a testimonial of the 3 lessons i had with AmaLia… which i will do it pretty soon once i’m ready to start typing out… As for the other 2 essential oils i began consuming… They are Cedarwood and Myrtle. it is supposedly to help balance the thryoid glands. I think consuming them will give a better effect that to apply them direct on the thyroid area…

Will post again on the findings perhaps 1-3 months from now… 🙂

The essential oils are pure therapeutic grade from Young Living. Do note that, these are personal testimonies and does not represent the company’s view.


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