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reflections: of disease and life purposes

It has been a while since my last entry… Have been caught up with work and learning more about myself… Now I’m slowly devoting some time to blog out some thoughts… Thoughts is like a life journal that unfolds and uncovers what life brings for us…

The recent visit to the doctor gave a sudden jitter of shock… It has been years since I paid notice to my health issues – I had some thyroid issues back 7 yrs or so  ago… But back then the doctor said it was nothing for concern or to worry about and I was completely normal. All I had to do was just have yearly routine follow up. No treatment plans…
But just this recent visit shed some light on possible cancer cells growth… The sigh of hearing possible cancer due to the nodules having blood vessel growing is just like having a seed growing roots in your body… That’s how I describe cancer… A seed that grows from nowhere in the body… – sounds artistic doesn’t it… 
So I was well quite composed that day as I had to rush off to another meeting… So in the cab I thought to myself… What is going to happen next? I’m just 27… I’m not prepared to just let my life perish that way…
I immediately spoke to a close friend of mine and at the back of my mind I decided that it was due time to do diet changes…
That was when sugar, dairy and caffeine has to be removed…  I did that almost immediately… Months ago my body has begun to cut on dairy and sugar… Now it was caffeine and a complete cut…
Though a week has passed… I feel good without coffee as I use peppermint to perk myself up in the morning with Young Livings NingXia Red… Will be adding some other essential oils into my treatment regime over the next few weeks before my scheduled biopsy in end Oct… hope all goes well… The only thing I can do now is Believe on great health and abundance…

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