reflections: Healing and being in alignment with oneself…

It has been quite sometime since i last posted any entries… how time flies… Something came to me today that it was perhaps time to reflect, and work on what i have to do…

As with many things in life, our lives does not come into any form of standstill, but moves on whenever we are faced with new challenges and progressions..

Just like the recent week, i had a weird dream where i visited Egypt and saw dessert, pyramids and mummies… It was very intriguing yet insightful for me. It just felt like i have entered another dimension. But looking beyond, i sense that perhaps, it was time for the next phase in life. Perhaps, it was about time for me to move a step ahead too…

Ever since i let go of the past issues, i have seen myself moving ahead. Forging ahead and not looking back. Till now i have not regret doing so and i see myself moving into new uncharted territories and finding new adventures and places, people and things to work on for a bigger picture to come.


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