reflections: revisiting the old and entrance to the new…

Vast changes have come and gone… Many new excitements await… I wonder what is next only to learn to go with the flow… Watching the movie Pompeii – though a fiction movie it has lessons to be learnt too. About how we perceive life, the horse that was aware of the earthquake coming, how mankind’s selfish ignorant self at work causes the death of people around them.

How one learns to fight for their own rights and survival, and how good triumphs over evil. These many things come in as factors to play in our everyday lives…

Apart from that, I began using the feelings kit (from Young Living) It helped me work through my emotional issues to release them and to harmonise with my true authentic self to walk this path I have chosen… It is a new beginning and a new journey to reconnect back the inner self… It will be an exciting journey as life unveils itself by the day… Till the next post.


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