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Life is a journey of learning. The day we stop learning is the day we step into the grave.

If we were to relook at the circle of life, we will notice that regardless of being a human, animal or even a micro organism. Everything has a life cycle, even the non living thing has a life cycle. From creation, till becoming and to the end of cycle.

Each phase, is a learning cure on its own too. As much as it may sound profound, thinking on a simple manner – what it means is life is a constant change. We learn as we grow, we grow as we learn. Every little thing, event or incident gives us something to experience. Even the people around us may sometimes show us things or lessons which we have never face or experience before.

Deep within the chatterboxes of conversations, there lies more than just character and emotions. But also the good, bad, ugly and cunning sides of people we know. Under each veil, lies mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Just that, as much as we yearn or hope for that things could be as simple as it is on the surface. Minus all the guessing and hiding and mysterious mysteries which require time to understand and resolve.

If only, we could lay everything on the table like flat lays, perhaps it will become much easier to understand ourselves, our surroundings and people we know. But one thing for certain is, the only that remains constant is change. And with new age advancements, we can and will continue the learning process.

*Article inspired by Discover challenge : Learning


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  1. lovely post. I really believe in learning. Actually, may be a month ago , was it on FB or instagram there was a post – that went something like this … most of die at 25 but physically we die at 75. Something like that. A great part of the human population stop learning at 25 therefore they die, but they die physically later, but they died from a learning point of view earlier make sense. I believe this so true, so true, I can’t believe how true it is. In this day and age.

    Loved your post L- Life is a journey of learning. The day we stop learning is the day we step into the grave. I truly believe in this line and I want to live my life like this. then it will be called life


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