In A Cup [Cold Brew by Starbucks]

Starbucks Singapore recently launched the Cold Brew Coffee – small batches of coffee beans from Latin America and Africa; which are coarsely grounded. Next the coffee grounds are slowly steep for more than 10 hours in cool water to create what is known as the Cold Brew.

It has a distinctive unique flavour when you have it neat – as it is without sugar syrup or milk. And it definitely tasted wonderful for a morning coffee. It comes as a good perk me up on the go if a hot cup of coffee does not do the trick. I’m sure the alternative of a cold brew may.

It is perhaps a good way to keep the morning blues away on a Monday too.

More on Cold Brew by Starbucks here.
For other coffee-related beverages, click on #coffee.

*This post is inspired by The Daily Post – Photo Challenge : Morning 


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