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Trip Reflections – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Did a trip in mid August to Kuala Lumpur and had 2 nights stay each at Novotel Kl and ibis Styles Fraser Business park.

Flew in via  JetStar Asia and out via Malaysia Airlines.

Traveling around Kuala Lumpur has become easier with the expanded railway network and integrated connectivity.

Meanwhile, one who travels frequently to Kuala Lumpur will realise the changing trends coming up in the city itself. First was the opening of KLIA2 about 2 years ago to replace the Low Cost Carrier Terminal which use to be Air Asia’s Hub. This terminal is like a mini shopping mall on its own. Aside from the slight congestion in the immigration, the building’s layout is very neat and compact. While the linkage to the KLIA Ekspress train is also very seamless upon exiting the arrival hall. The train journey from the airport to KL Sentral takes about 28 minutes by the express train.

Upon arrival at KL Sentral, there are various modes of public transport available to travel towards different part of KL as well as to the outskirt. There are also some 5 star hotels in the vicinity along with a relatively new mall call Nu Sentral.

In comparison to a year of two ago when I first visited KL, a lot seems to have changed. This trip, though it was to attend conference. I also had sometime to explore a bit more of the city. Other than some minor hiccups during the trip, all was pretty pleasant for most of it.

Met up with few friends and went to visit a cafe – TOUS les JOURS along Bukit Bintang as well as tried a few new food places which I had never tried during my last visit to Kuala Lumpur. It is always nice to take a break and go traveling. But, at times having a travel buddy is also a fun thing to have. Though not a must, but it is a good to have companion.

This trip, though unlike the other trips I had been on. I felt I had gain some insight into how it feels to travel alone and what the need to sometimes let the world unfold in what it has to offer to a place often visited.

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