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Yayoi Kusama – Life Is The Heart Of A Rainbow @ National Gallery, Singapore

The exhibition of artworks by Yayoi Kusama opened at the National Gallery earlier this month which saw many visitors visiting the National Gallery. There were huge lines of visitors waiting to visit the artworks on display. I happen to visit it during the first weekend and capture some interesting pictures and videos of the exhibit to share here.

There is a total of 3 galleries – Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery; along with another 3 individual areas in the National Gallery, Singapore; which form the full gallery experience for works by Yayoi Kusama. The theme of the exhibition is titled – Life is the Heart of the Rainbow. It is in fact named after one of her artworks – which can be found in Gallery C.

Yayoi Kusama - National Gallery Singapore

Yayoi Kusama – National Gallery Singapore

Gallery A

The Spirits of Pumpkins Descended into Heavens (2017)

Concourse between Gallery A & B

Gallery B

Invisible Life


Infinity Mirrored Room – Gleaming Lights of the Souls (2008)

Sex and obsession

Gallery C

With All My Love For The Tulips I Pray Forever (2013-2017)

Life is the Heart of a Rainbow (2017)

Yayoi Kusama - National Gallery Singapore

Life is the Heart of a Rainbow

Art Installations

There is also another 3 art installations, located within the National Gallery. These are very much Instagram-worthy as well.

Yayoi Kusama - National Gallery Singapore

Narcissus Garden (1966/2017)

Location: City Hall Chamber, Level 3

Dots Obsession (2017)

Location: City Hall Wing, Level 1, UOB City Hall Courtyard

The Obliteration Room (2002-present)

Location: City Hall Wing, Level B1, Koh Seow Chuan Concourse Gallery (in conjunction with Gallery Children’s Biennial)

Tips for heading over on a weekend

The waiting times between each exhibition can vary from 15-30 minutes between each gallery. As such, the National Gallery has imposed timed entry where you will need to enter at the time which your ticket has been booked or purchased. Go in groups if you are planning to have an immersive experience and take pictures. Also, do note that you may not be able to take pictures of some artworks on display in the gallery. It is expected to be crowded during the initial periods, while they manage the flow of visitors.

Exhibition period: Jun 09  – Sep 03, 2017
Exhibition Venue: National Gallery Singapore, 1 St Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957

Instagram: nationalgallerysingapore

National Gallery – Yayoi Kusama page | Wikipedia – Yayoi Kusama

Public Trasport:
City Hall – North South Line & East West Line
Raffles Place – North South Line & East West Line



  1. Ah I just saw this too and blogged about it! It’s such an amazing exhibition isn’t it? I wish I had more time in each of the interactive displays, especially the Infinity Room – it was simply too cool to be real! 😎😎😎 thanks for sharing your post!

    Liked by 1 person

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