A boy diary – One Tree Planted

To mark the interesting 32 birthday, I made it a goal to do some tree planting. Every year since turning 31, I have embarked on donating trees – which began […]

Drip of Dividends – 05/18

Here is a look at what I decide to invest in for the month of May 2018. Changing the format for posting I felt the previous posts don’t reflect on […]

A boy diary – Breakfast habits

There is something I always find very important being part of my daily routine – breakfast. Recalling some months ago, I started on overnight oats and gradually shifted to a […]

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium (Executive Suite)

Has been a while since staying in Singapore over the weekend for a staycation. Room Bathroom & Amenities Facilities Hotel Architecture and Nearby Places Overall Experience Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium […]

A photo a week – Pondering

Sometimes we ponder upon the unknown, other times we simply marvel at the roses once again. Photo taken at JW Marriott Singapore South Beach