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Category: Mr H Invest

Investing ideas and insights about current market trends from a non-financial point of view.

Drip of Dividends – Bonds 08/2018

ETF strategy Did some revision to the stock holdings following the market adjustments this month. With the movement into the various markets and adjustments to investment class in tandem. What’s […]

Drip of Dividends – Equities 08/2018

Rebalancing The market is a constant current of changes. The same happens for the portfolio that I was trying to construct – with many ongoing changes since a few years […]

Importance of Financial Habits

A follow up from the previous article on the Importance of Money Management. This article touches on financial habits, housekeeping and regular review of financial health. Our body does need […]

Drip of Dividends (Bonds) – 07/2018

From this month, will have a separate list of portfolio holdings for bonds. Why the sudden bond investing? I have always believed in creating passive income through various avenues. Not […]

Importance of money management

Time and again this topic surfaces amongst people around me. Especially when it comes to having coffee chats with friends, sometimes the topic of investing come about. The first thing […]

Investing in – UOB (SGX: U11)

During a recent conversation over dinner, I began to notice how understanding a company aids in picking stocks for the long-term investing. In this new re-vamped series, will begin looking […]

Jetstar Asia

Drip of Dividends – 06/2018

So the World Cup fever is on as well as the US-China trade issue. Meanwhile, there is also the upcoming rate hikes looming. This causes quite a bit of stir […]

Drip of Dividends – 05/18

Here is a look at what I decide to invest in for the month of May 2018. Changing the format for posting I felt the previous posts don’t reflect on […]