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Category: Mr H Reflection

Things to hear and inspire…

Drip of Dividends – April 2018

April continues the buying momentum for March. While the stocks are relatively lower priced. What’s OUT? Removed quite a handful of small holdings and decided to move all into one […]

A photo a week – Blooming

A throwback to the post on Dhalia Dreams post on a flower blooming taken during the trip to Gardens by the Bay in January. And to commentate “Earth Day” on […]

A photo a week – Bloom

I grew this mint plant around mid last year. Notice the bloom this morning and saw how it has grew leaps and bounds in the past year.

A photo a week – Crabs

Crabs are known for the claws on dinner plates and soup related Chinese cuisine as well as the well known Singapore Chili Crab. These crustaceans are also good for their […]

Turning 2 on H Diary

How time flies, 2 years ago today I took the step to begin my blogging journey. I have never looked back since then. Just like the saying, time wait for no […]