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I came home from my second last paper today… feeling relieved. Then I started playing Zoo Tycoon for a while […]


Hmm went out today… did some shopping then came home. Wel had a good day out shopping for groceries and […]


Hey all! I have completed transferring information of my bloggies from my private blog to here. The private blog page […]


heard of this – All work no play makes jack a dull boy? Now I am facing something of the […]


Yay! Its past 12 midnight and a new day is about to begin soon! Yeah how nice it is… Right […]


I’m currently looking into styling my hair for the new year which is like a month odd away… most probably […]


Hmm.. what a long while since i last blogged…. Have been busy with work thats why when I came home […]


Hmm had good good day eating all the way throughout the day… Looks cool to be eating and eating and […]

Two paths….

Hmm I think school will be starting soon in about a month and 2 weeks time… time really flies, no […]

Gaming and Movies

Hmph… I wish to play Neopets right now.. but the site is down, so there goes my chance of getting […]

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