Plant Diary

A series of articles about nature and plants from indoors and outdoors over the course of the blog journey at H Diary.

WWF Earth Hour 60+: Plant-A-Tree Program

Mangrove Trees, EH Forest, Sumatra Indonesia

The links here tracks the progress of 3 mangrove plants which H Diary has planted via WWF Singapore’s Plant A Tree program to build up mangrove trees in Aceh Province of North Sumatra, Indonesia. This is part of the #going31 birthday wish for 2017, for the love of nature.

According to the WWF Plant-A-Tree website, each mangrove tree planted will care for a period of 5 years with photo updates of the mangrove tree seedlings. At the same time, from the aerial view of the photos, you may also notice that the plot of land use to be a fish farm which is now being rehabilitated back into the original mangrove.

Planted – July 2017
H Diary Gratitude – June 2017 Location: Lat: 5.61840563, Lng: 95.40930736

Planted – TBA
H Diary Friendship
H Diary Harmony

To participate in growing the forest… click on the link here to join me in achieving the goal of SGD$500, where there will be 15 trees planted in Indonesia and 1 tree in Singapore.

Orchids and Other plants

These articles track the growth journey and history of plants which I have personally planted and experimented in the past years since 2016.

Plant Journey 2016 > Nov | Dec
Plant Journey 2017 > Jan | Feb | Mar | Q2

Last Update: Dec 10, 2017 (There will be no further updates till a later time.)