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Tag: Afterthoughts

Gardens by the Bay

Going 31 – New Chapter

Time flies by us very quickly – just like sowing seeds to grow plants. When we were younger, we had the wish to grow up faster. But when we have […]

Starbucks - Stay Cool 2017

Gratitude awareness

Some weeks ago, I have this little thought to myself. What does it mean to fill my surrounding with “Gratitude”? With that simple thought, it became clear over the period […]

Tangerine, ESPA, ResortsWorld Sentosa, Singapore

New changes @ H Diary

In the coming weeks, will see some minor changes to the site and content as I embark on writing new content with a focus on the ever-green nature of the […]

Movie Afterthoughts – Arrival

Felt a strong urge to blog about this movie which I had just watched earlier this week at the theatre. It felt so same in concept yet at the same […]

Popcorn [At Cafe 6]

While this is fresh off my mind, thought of sharing my own views about this movie. Took time to catch it at the theatre with the HSBC movie card as […]

Movie: Finding Neverland

Went out with melvin to catch a movie – Finding Neverland. It was a nice movie and definitely enjoyed every bit of it. Though I must say it has been quite […]

Movie – Alien Ve Predator

Guess I was almost late for work today… hahaz… coz over slept by 30mins… then rushed for breakfast and left house around 6.30am… waited for the Bus coz lazy to […]