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Tag: Birthday

Paint and Roses

Embracing 31 – Singapore

Upon arriving into Singapore from Hong Kong, I proceeded straight to JW Marriott Singapore South Beach. This is my 2nd stay at the JW Marriott Singapore property and a first […]

Fireworks at Marina Bay - Aug 2015

Journey of going 30

Going 30 is like the arch of the first 30 years. Imagine if one has a life span of 90 years old…. this first 30 symbolises 1/3 of a life […]

St John Island, Singapore

The last of 29…

It’s now 23:00 hrs… In the next 1 hour….when the clock strikes 00:00hr… It brings me up a year on Earth to the Big 3. Time flies… yet another decade has […]


went to meet amanda at Precious Thots, TM for lunch… passed her the VCDs which she had loaned me and buy her lunch… – made her wait outside my hse […]


Hey all! I had a great day today… Really like the little shopping trip today… Yeah ate SubWay for lunch! Anyways, really love that and am enjoyed my day… thats […]


hmm anyways it looks like I had a great day today… after work my collegues took me to Hagan Daz to get some ice-creams! Yep… they were my fav… anyways […]