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Tag: Christmas

In a Cup: Starbucks Reserve – Christmas 2016

It’s the festive season and earlier this month, Starbucks Singapore introduced the Christmas 2016 Reserve blend coffee. As a tradition every year, there will be Christmas drinks and coffee beans. […]


It is now 14mins pass the 12am mark and today’s Boxing Day.. Had a gamily gathering at home… ate quite a bit of han, fruit salad, chicken, fried meat etc… […]


As the clock struck 12 am… a new day has begun… it’s X’mas Day… well… was busy throughout the wholeday today… beginning in the morning with SJAB meeting at 10am… […]

Year in Review 2003

From this time I am blogging it will be just one more day to Christmas… Time really flies… Before you even know its already a year that has come and […]


Hey I think I’m really blogging early today… lol Wonder why I did not blog last night…. Ok… back to the topic – Just receive a gift from a collegue […]


Well went to watch LOTR 3 the second time yay! Well I got to aprreciate the movie even more… So I think it is really a nice movie. Also got […]


Hmm… Its a boring day today. Had nothing much to do in the morning… So i just did some drafting of my finance and work up a plan for the […]


Hmm had good good day eating all the way throughout the day… Looks cool to be eating and eating and eating non – stop. The initial trip to the pool […]

2003/11/10 update 2

Hmm lets keep it short and simple… I am having a busy but enjoyable life right now… Having no worries except for work work and work till the end of […]


The exams will start rolling in tomorrow… Now I wonder if I should give up the idea of creating teddy bears this holiday? Seems like i need the cash urgently […]