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Tag: Daily Prompt

Consolidating bad debt

As the new year just crossed the first month. Maybe some of us are in a deep surprise at how much we might have spent over the past two months. […]

Drip of Dividends – 01/2017

2017 is the year where I wanted to blog about an uncharted area. Had some friends over the years ask me about my saving habits. I had initially thought of […]

Weekly Roundup [Mirror]

Another week just whisk by… A pretty interesting one perhaps. Ot seems like whatever the mind perceived – just like the movie “the secret”; it could manifest in real life […]

Weekly Round Up [Witness]

It has been a very eventful week and a thoughtful one as well. Decided to summarise the week with the word -> Witness. A visit on Thursday to the Parliament […]

Daily Post [Complicated]

I was looking at the daily prompt for the day – Complicated; and some thoughts begun flowing into my mind. Just like the twirl in the picture above [Galaxy Floristic […]

Weekly Round Up [Paint]

While we most often associate colors to paint… This week was a colorful one for myself. Though this entry has been entered late. First it was the second round tasting […]

Inspire [Narrow]

It is now Thursday, more then 4 days of the weeks has passed. As I was looking through my own train of thoughts. I was doing a belated mid year […]

Inspire [Care To Go Beyond]

Its Nurses day today! As promised, I shall share more about my personal reflections of being a Nurse. The journey to wanting to become a Nurse was one that took […]

my wheelchair project back in 2008

Weekly Round Up [Admire]

In about less than 10 days time it will be Singapore’s 51st year of Independence. To round up the week, I thought of sharing something that I felt more meaning towards than my usually […]


Picking up the inspiration from the current situation in EU… and from attending a close friend of mine’s mother funeral, it draws upon me the feeling of how Separation itself […]

Weekly Round Up [Struggle]

As much as I had wanted to write a review focused on Les Misérables, I had second thoughts about doing so. Instead, I have chosen to focus instead a article surround […]