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Tag: Flowers

Plant experiment – Jan 2017

With the end of the orchid bloom cycle. The orchid petals have all dried and withered. The long stems were trimmed to about 1 inch. The plant has so far […]

Plant Experiment Dec 2016

The month of December came and gone pretty fast. This month was a pretty occupied period, as I had to replace the existing Spagmoss and Charcoal which was from the […]

Plant Experiment – Nov 2016

Decided to dedicate a post on my journey with plants. I have a few pots of plants lying around at my work desk in the office. And I thought it […]

Lilytopia, GBTB, SG

Lilytopia! – GBTB, SG

With the end of the Tulipmania – Rediscovered! in May, the next floral display under the Garden Trail series is the “Lilytopia!” at the Flower Dome – Gardens by the Bay. As the […]