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Tag: Friendship


Valentine’s 2017

It’s time of the year once more – Valentine’s Day. While most of us, may or may not remember the true meaning on this day. Perhaps, for most people, it is […]

dreamzLand : Sep 2, 2005

i dream of Ryan once again… haha… this time in the dream he came to look for me to tell me that he broke up with his current boyfriend… and […]


went to meet amanda at Precious Thots, TM for lunch… passed her the VCDs which she had loaned me and buy her lunch… – made her wait outside my hse […]


hmm.. it makes me wonder what friends are for… are they people who sneer at you when you have a boy friend or girl friend? Or are they the ones […]


i guess. losing a friend is good enough for me to feel sad… I mean… I am not showing it in the fore-front, but it hurts deep inside me… Anyways […]

V-Day 2004

hmm… added Debra to my friendster today, was browsing through my friends list of connections and decided to try my luck to see if there is any possibility of adding […]

Pick up, Move on

It has been raining cats and dogs for the past few days after chinese new year… How I wish the rain will stop at least for a few days before […]


Went to work today and it was really very busy… We seved the customers non-stop… really non-stop except for time to take lunch and dinner… the sales was also very […]


Hmm… went to visit a friend today after lesson… chatted for quite some time before I received a miss call from Lucas… Called him and decided to meet him at […]