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Tampines Eco Geen

Tampines Eco Green

Took a stroll at this lush greenery interim park over a Saturday morning. Located next to the Sun Plaza park in Tampines, this lush green area (36 Hectares) is an […]

The Changing Face of Fast Food

Over the years, it is noticeable that the FastFood chains has been reinventing themselves. It is evidently so when we step into the fast food joints whenever they launch a […]


Life lessons from Monopoly Empire

There are many board games in the market. And my all time favourite is still Monopoly. No matter how many versions the game has evolved over the years. It never fails […]


well… did not blog last night due to my new game *Zoo Tycoon 2*… cleared 3 – 4 sets of scenarios… which is about 12 – 13 scenarios in all.. […]


Today… I feel bored… nothing much to say… actually… Anyways… did one final lot of Neocards planned suprises so.. I played some Nequest II then to do my cross-stitch… will […]


arhem! Hey peeps! Do check out the Neopets TCG Event today and tomorrow at Takashimaya Sq B2. TCG cards onsale from Neopets, Magic and Starwars too. Anwyays was at the […]

NeoQuest II

Neoquest II has got live! Click here. Right now I am in the process of playing the game… Well, just completed NeoQuest today after a long vacation from Neopets.. Anyways, […]

Neopets TCG – Battle for Meridell

Bought 2 decks for Neopets Latest TCG Expasion! Really annoyed with the amount of new cards in the pre-packed decks. Seems like there were less than 20 unique cards… per […]


I came home from my second last paper today… feeling relieved. Then I started playing Zoo Tycoon for a while unitl its time for lunch. Had fast food then came […]


Back on neopets… Last night I logged on to Neo after I reached home and took my youghrt which Iam currently having every time as dessert. I noticed that they […]


Decided to add another bit of information about the data here since i got nothing much to talk about now… I have a boring yet enjoyable day. Managed to complete […]